No Matter What, Ticks Won’t Go Away Unless You Do Something About It

Ticks are like any creature on earth. Once they have found a beauty spot they will not let go of it. This is a spot they will usually treat as their home from home, well, they never really have a permanent home, they’re parasites, you see. There’s a common but disturbing trend amongst many parasites. They like to feast on blood. Ticks are like that too. They get their meals on wheels from humans and animals.

residential tick control mobile

But it is not healthy. It’s not healthy for humans to be infested by ticks, and it’s a lot worse for small animals. The smaller creatures are easy pickings, easy prey. They are easy to reach and they usually have little to no means of removing the ticks from their backs. As if scratching would help. Hardly ever, always seems to make matters worse. Tick powder, even that prescribed by a registered vet, does not always work.

There’s one thing left to do. Homeowners and pet owners are in a position to take control of matters. But they cannot act alone, not unless they want to see successful results. As in no ticks. Not a single one left over. That remains a possibility just as long as they’ve got their residential tick control mobile unit on their side. The unit deals with other neighbourhood pests as well. Mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas anyone?

Dogs? Probably not. For that contact the local pound. Maybe that’s what they’re getting at. Misbehave and get taken to the pound. Kept there for a day or two in lockup until master has decided to clean the place up. Because there sure as heck is no ticks here. The joint is usually sanitised anyhow.