How Well Have You Cleaned Your Business Today?

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Good show! So you say. You say you cleaned your business premises. Today. And yesterday? Did you clean it yesterday? You say no? You say you did not?! That’s shocking! You say that neither you or your staff had the time? That’s no excuse. You know what they say about time. If you haven’t got the time, then make the time. How else is it that you run a successful business? And that’s just the point. So you say.

You say this now. Neither you or your staff had time to clean out the business premises yesterday because it was month-end. You were dealing with end of the month deadlines which simply could not be dropped. Or was it a last-minute rush of client or customer orders that you simply could not resist in order to make the balance sheet shine? And that’s another thing. You say that you’ve ignored the contract for now.

Perhaps indefinitely. Look around you, people. That’s not how it operates. The correct business cleaning indianapolis principle is that you clean out your business premises daily. Not once a week. Not every other day. But daily. But fair enough. You say that you simply do not have the time. And non-unionised staff members continue to bemoan the fact that cleaning is not in their job description.

How can not cleaning after you not be part of your job description? What the next person must think of you when he walks in. And what if it is a bathroom cubicle? Aren’t you even remotely ashamed. Get a grip and for once in your business life be and act responsibly. Expend your financial resources a little more prudently and you could well afford a professional cleaning contract.